Underground Mining Flags

Because when you’re underground, standard safety flags just don’t cut it.

Made shorter for confined spaces. Choose from different sizes, ranging from 30cm, 60cm, up to 1.2m max

Specially built to provide light vehicles with high visibility when underground.

Multi-colour LED poles to indicate direction of vehicles.

Select the light colour for the full-colour LED pole (red / blue / green / amber / white)


Vehicles are on the move. Visibility isn’t always perfect. And accidents happen. Risk is the reason vehicle safety flags are so important. But underground, visibility goes down and risk goes up. Plus, standard safety flags that work fine outside don’t measure up below the surface. They’re too tall for the low backs (ceiling) and being often unlit, do almost nothing to improve visibility.

To keep your light vehicles safe when they venture below ground, we’ve custom-created underground safety flags. These flags are shorter than typical safety flags, so their height won’t cause problems. They’re also full colour LED poles that are constantly lit up, making the vehicle stand out like a beacon. Of course, our underground safety flags are constructed to the same stringent standard all our other flags follow, so you know they’ll not only do their job, but last in even the toughest conditions.

Safety flag poles are made flexible, so at higher speeds will bend and whip. However, to avoid damage to the vehicle or pole, do not drive at speeds faster than 60km/hr when the pole is attached.